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Below is the complete list of books by James Holmes. It’s far from the career of the average Author, and that’s the way he likes it.

The Last Disciple (#1)



The Time is Near. The last thing Special Forces operator John Sunday expected to find taped to the body of a dead terrorist was a woman's portrait. The last thing Kat Devier expected to find beneath the paint was a lost gospel claiming the body of Jesus Christ is in a cave in Jordan. The clues lead to a cold, clay jar sealed in mud and kept hidden in the darkness for thousands of years. But what’s inside? And why does a man who cannot die walk the earth in search of it? The Last Disciple is a terrifying hunt across the sands of time for the hidden plans of gods and devils. Once revealed, John Sunday’s demons, and yours, will become real. And the great day of wrath shall come. For us all. Sometimes darkness is better than the light.

The Last Testament (#2)



The startling sequel to The Last Disciple. The snow and the darkness hide evil things. In the ice lands of hell, a one-eyed man with a gun must protect the pregnant woman from those who hunt them. At his side is a caravan of pilgrims hoping the baby within is their salvation. But there is no escape from what has come. The shadow that speaks. The One who knows the sins of us all.The Last Testament is a terrifying journey along the shoals of the abyss, where even in the darkness of damnation, a man will do whatever he must to keep hope alive. For her.

The Last Redemption (#3)

redemption cover.jpg


  The Hell Freeze is over. In its wake, the Earth is an inferno. The survivors must band together and fight against those who have come. The child born of a dead woman.The man who cannot die.And the One who rules them all. The startling conclusion to The Last Disciple and The Last Testament. The end is not near.

It is here.

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